How this adult entertainment company is celebrating Election Day

November 4, 2016

At CamSoda, we are big believers in the democratic process – especially everyone’s right to vote. Voting is a right we often take for granted, one that defines our nation as a democracy. Every four years we believe everyone should take to the polls and cast their ballot.To celebrate Election Day and the democratic press, CamSoda is providing everyone 500 tokens (a $50 value) to spend on our site, which features hundreds adult entertainers – both men and women -- who can interact with, and perform for...


Ken Bone offered $100k to do Porn

October 10, 2016

Dear Mr. Kenneth Bone, I hope this letter finds you well. During last night's debate you captivated the world with your question about energy, your red pullover, and quite honestly, just you being you. While Donald and Hillary continued to bicker, we were especially distraught that your questions didn't recieve the appropriate attention it deserved. With that being said, I would like to formally extend an offer for you to participate in a live show broadcast from our platform,, to our millions of fans...


Porn Predicts Presidential Winner

September 26, 2016

We ranked the top models in red states and the top models in blue states by tips earned. We then looked at the top models in swing states and ranked them based on their popularity in the red and blue states. The graph below shows the preferences in swing states for models correlated to their popularity in red & blue states. Looks like it's gonna be a close one ... 


Wetter Sweater for Women

September 20, 2016

Camsoda Labs is up to it again! We bring you the Wetter Sweater. It's a sweater you wear with a prosthetic arm you can position anywhere. Use it to hide your hand while you do your business. It's that simple! WetterSweater® magically covers the most important part of your body... 


Who spends more on porn? Democrats or Republicans? This study reveals the answers.

August 30, 2016

Today we take a look at token spending by predominently Democrat & Republican states and come to a conclusion who spends more money on cam girls. The results may shed light on why Republicans have deemed porn a National Health Crisis. Is it just another political move to shed light that Democrats are sexual deviants? Does sexuality play a role in how you view your own political affiliation? You decide.


Camsoda Launches First Virtual Reality Experience with Teledildonics

July 12, 2016

Today, Cam Soda, the adult entertainment webcam platform, is giving the world a first glimpse of technology combining virtual reality and wearables. After teaming up with the best teledildonics company, the platform will now offer intimate pleasure high tech devices.


You won't believe who's spending the most money on cam girls

July 11, 2016

As dating and porn have become more acceptable with time, people continue to explore their sexuality and forge new kinds of relationships with people online. Users these days are turning to free cam sites like to experience virtual reality cams, teledildonics, exotic cam girls and porn stars of their fantasies for the first time. Although almost all of the shows are free cam shows, users may...


Surprisingly Americans Like Basketball More Than Porn

June 21, 2016

The NBA Finals 2016 championship with the Cleveland Cavaliers and Golden State Warriorrs, started on June 2nd with over 7 Games ending on its final day June 19th. Here at Camsoda we noticed huge drops in token spending during the hours of the game. So we posted a few graphs which prove that perhaps our users prefer basketball over hot chicks. How is this possible?


The Jerk Shirt Unleashed

May 13, 2016

Here at the Camsoda Labs we bring you the Jerk Shirt. It's a shirt you wear with a prosthetic arm you can position anywhere. Use it to hide your hand while you do your business. It's that simple! The JerkShirt® magically covers the most important part of your body while enjoying what you do without having to hide in shame...


Peak Times Tokens Used on VR Cam Girls

Apr 13, 2016

Virtual Reality has gained attention and free cams are a growing niche on the internet these days. We ran some data on most used tokens on which day and the data reveals some interesting days and times people enjoy watching camsoda...

More Exclusive VR Show

Mar 17, 2016

Women watch virtual reality porn straight from a man's POV
They recorded women watching CamSoda’s live VR stream.


Dani Daniels’ Burning Bush Caught Live on Webcam

Feb 1, 2016

Dani Daniels was masturbating during a live show on Camsoda when a lit candle fell from a nearby table onto her lap, accidentally catching her bush on fire. Though she immediately rushed off-camera to fan the flame, the video below catches the incendiary incident in full.